eternal quest

When you need to share information across organization and with business partners

There are times when your organization has software systems that holds diverse business data which need to be shared within or outside your company. An example will be a CRM system that has customer information and purchase order requests which need to be available to all divisions in your company. Or you are required to enable your application functionality and data over the web to your business partners. In all such cases, we can help you to integrate your data and applications effectively to streamline your business processes. We provide a wide range of integration services starting from simple integration solution to ones that involve full-blown Enterprise Service Bus.

We help you to protect your existing investments

We help your organization to create a foundation and infrastructure based on your existing systems so that both old and new systems can take advantage of your existing investments. Instead of replacing legacy systems, we transform those systems to enable their data and funcionality in a network environment or over the web. This allows your applications to interconnect achieving a new level of performance ensuring ROI for those systems.

We are driven by your strategy and business processes

We realize that technology is not a panacea. Many integration efforts end up in failure when "Customer's strategy and business processes" are not given the first priority. We work with you to design and implement a cost effective solution without any vendor or platform bias. We work with our customers throughout the integration lifecycle from assessment, design and development, testing to deployment.

Our solutions are based on standard and reliable platforms

We build our integration solutions on platforms that has long history of reliability and stability and which is best suited for the task at hand. With a standard platform and architecture we position you well for futher evolution of your systems in the future.