eternal quest

When existing software in the market is not good for you

There are times when you may find that no commercial software available in the market is adequate for running your business. At other times you may discover that using an off-the-shelf product actually hinders the operational efficiency of your business. In such cases you should strongly consider using a customized solution that meets the requirement of your business.

Eternal Quest can help you by developing solutions that meet your business requirements closely and help increase your operational efficiency. Our software solutions have helped our clients fight day to day and long term business challenges. Our goal in custom software development area is to provide you with solutions that you will need to run and grow your business effectively. Apart from our reliable and secure software solutions, we also provide a comprehensive set of application management services including maintenance, re-engineering and migration.

We focus on solving your business problems

We strongly believe that value of a software lies in its ability to solve problems and on nothing else. In all of our custom development solutions, therefore, we work closely with our customers and end users throughout the devlopement process to get continuous feedback and to make sure our solution adequately addresses their business problems.

We help you reduce your time to market

We use modern tools and methodologies that help us create software solutions quickly and effectively yet conforming to the required level of quality assurance. Our emphasis on reduced time to market period is sure to give you an advantage over your competitors.

We support a variety of platforms and deployment options

Depending on your need, we can develop your custom application as a desktop application, a client server application, an intranet web application or a public facing web site. We use a variety of platforms and technologies such as .NET, java, Apache/MySql/PHP to deliver custom solutions.

We stand by the quality of our products

We have implemented a top-notch testing and quality assurance strategy that encompasses a wide varierty of testing which includes - functional testing, acceptance testing, browser compatibilty testing, test automation and smoke test among others. We gaurantee the quality of each custom solution we deliver to our customers.