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Inventory Management System(IMS) is an application not only to manage resources and inventories of your business but also to buy and sell your products and to keep track of all of your transactions. It can be used as a point of sale application producing invoices with support for barcode and tax information. In summary, it allows you to manage your product stocks, buy and sell transactions from one single application. In addition, IMS keeps track of tax information associated with your transactions which can be used to create tax report from your anunal transaction information.

Here are the features of IMS at a glance

Invoice for your Sales

  • Create invoice for your sales quickly and efficiently.
  • Automatically calculate and keep track of tax information for your sales.
  • Print invoices with your business logo or design.
  • Search invoices at any time based on a variety of criterias.

Manage Transactions

  • Keep track of your transations with business partners.
  • Maintain debit and credit transactions for your business separately.
  • Keep track of imortant tax information for each transaction.
  • View transaction summary for a given time period.

Product Information

  • Create entry for each product you buy or sell.
  • Support for VAT, local tax and nationwide tax for each product is available.
  • Automatically generate a wide variety of bar code for your products.
  • Enter the amount of materials in stock to start with.
  • Support for different units for product quantities.
  • Create alert when stock goes beyond certain limits.
  • Maintain product discount information.

Business Partners and Customers

  • Maintain information about your business partners.
  • Efficiently manage customer address, contact and purchase information.
  • Quickly search for customer or business partner information.
  • Search for purchase orders associated with business partners or customers.