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Assamese Dictionary is software for making dictionary in Assamese language although with little customization and change of fonts it can be used for any Indic language supported on computer. It was originally designed to create a dictionary by Asom Jatiya Parishad in Assamese language. It allows entry of a word in the dictionary in a detail form including parts of speech, region, origin information, variation, etymology etc. The PDF export feature will automatically create PDF files for any selected portion of the dictionary for printing with appropriate layout. The first version of the printed dictionary is already available in market.

Here are the features at a glance

Standard Keybord Layout

  • Assamese Dictionary uses a standard keyboard layout to enter characters in Assamese language.
  • Keyboard mapping does not affect other programs currently running on your computer.
  • Supports input of special symbols required to create a dictionary.
  • Also supports some non-standard character input required by the dictionary.
  • Fully supports creation of all possible ligatures in the language.

Network Enabled and Multi User

  • The software can be installed on mutiple computers in a network and dictionary data can be located in central server computer.
  • Mutiple users can be defined for the system and data entered by each user can be tracked for audit purposes.
  • The system also supports user with different roles. For example, some users can't remove a word from the dictionary while a user with admin role is able to do so.

Entry of Words

  • Words can be entered into the sytem in any order by mutiple users at the same time using a simple to use interface.
  • While entering a word user can enter various attributes of a word including it regional origin, etymolgy, meaning, synonyms etc.
  • Extensive searching of words is provided by using various attrbutes of a word.
  • It is posible to add additional items to a word like pictures, collector's note etc.

Printing and Media

  • The dictionary software allows you create a PDF file for a selected portion of the dictionary just like the pages of a real dictionary with appropriate header, footer and page numbers.
  • While creating the PDF file, words are automatically sorted in the correct alphabetical order.
  • Page format can be customized to create single column, two columns or three columns page.
  • Picture added to a word is appropriately sized and added to the PDF file.
  • In addition various attributes of a page like page margins, gaps between columns etc can be adjusted.